Must Read: By Nightfall by Michael Cunningham – By Natalia Oparka

The novel tells an extraordinary story of ordinary people: Peter and Rebecca Harris – forty something – an accomplished and successful husband and wife who seem to have it all: a satisfying career, a delightful circle of friends, an intelligent daughter, and an elegant loft in SoHo. The thin surface of happiness, however, is being scratched when Rebecca’s younger brother – a handsome and witty drug addict- visits the couple after his exotic trip to Japan.

In his novel Michael Cunningham takes the readers for yet another spin into human subconsciousness with his poetic, yet brutally honest style. His characters are frank, daring and even outrages, but at the same time so very human in their needs and wants that you can’t help but identify with them.

The moral dilemmas and emotional struggles that burden the characters sound awfully familiar to us, and that’s what makes Cunningham’s work so unique and compelling. All that beautifully interwoven with descriptions of pieces of art that the main character appreciate.

By Nightfall is an in-depth analysis of human lifestyles and relationships that may or may not be everlasting.

Definitely, a must read!


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