Superheroes are Special for a Reason ~ By Natalia Oparka


Little Natalia and her beloved mother, Zofia


I like to think of myself as a grown up (I actually winced while writing that) and every now and then I get to think about the past- we all experience these sleepless nights when we toss and turn and relive the past scenarios… All the conversations that come back to haunt us at night? Yeah, that was one of those. Not that long ago, I realized that my mom is actually one of the superheroes who should have comic books written about.

First of all, my childhood couldn’t have been as cool for my mom as it was for me: I was a sickly kid who needed a lot of attention, so she took a lot of time off work. I guess I didn’t fully realize what it must have been for her to put her career on hold for a spoilt brat like me (oh, trust me, I was no angel).

Second, when I became a teenager I started hating everything and everyone (I’m still not sure whether I’ve fully gotten over that phase) and the relationship with my mom deteriorated rather quickly. Obviously little did I know how much she’s had to endure because of my actions. So, as one may accurately point out, it couldn’t have been easy for her. As it can’t be easy for any mother in the world who struggles with everyday issues, which all seem so trivial yet so essential.

Let us pay tribute to all the mothers who do their best every day and whose names will never appear in Hollywood movie posters.

Thank you for all your devotion and unconditional love!

Mothers’ Day is celebrated:

  1. In Arab countries on 21st of March
  2.  In Bolivia on 27th of May
  3. In Brazil, the Czech Republic, Estonia, India, Latvia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Samoa, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, the USA, Ukraine on second Sunday of May
  4. In Canada on second Sunday of May
  5. In Georgia on 3rd of March
  6. In Indonesia on 22nd of December
  7. In Kyrgyzstan on 19th of May
  8. In Nicaragua on 30th of May
  9. In Norway on 9th of February
  10. In Maldives on 13th of May
  11. In Poland on 26th of May
  12. In Romania, Spain on the first Sunday of May

Feel free to leave your special best wishes in the comment box below. Celebrate your mom and tag away! ❤


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