April Fool’s Day: You Won’t Believe What These Peope Did~ By Shatha Akeel

Photograph Credit: WikiImages

Today is the first of April which some people eagerly wait for to come up with lies to fool each other.. As if they don’t lie on other days during the year.

I have always wondered why such a day is celebrated every year! Deriving pleasure from other people’s sufferings.
I do not know and I honestly do not want to know what the reason is, but what I am sure of it every year there are a lot victims as a result of  lies from people and  while these proud liars find their amusements, many are weeping for the sad situations they are put in.

Here are some examples of bad situations that were caused by April Fool’s Day pranks:

  • Alaska volcano

On April 1st, 1974, the residents of Alaska woke to a disturbing scene. Black smoke was seen rising from the crater of Mount Edgecumbe, which was calm and asleep for long years. People rushed into the streets as they looked in horror at the volcano thinking it had erupted, but fortunately it turned out to be caused by a man and not by nature. A man by the name of Porky Bickar was responsible for this smoke. He threw hundreds of old tires into the volcano’s crater and lit them on fire only to deceive people and make them believe that the volcano had erupted.

  • A woman’s house on fire:

A woman was caught in fire her kitchen in London and when she came out to the balcony asking for help, no one came to aid her. Why? Well, because this happened in the morning of April 1st.

And there are many other examples of accidents and losses which happened because of lying, which makes me wonder why we don’t have a day for honesty in stead?!  I think we have enough lies throughout the year which even includes bad jokes just for fun.

How many people have lost their friends, family, health, jobs, and true love due to this awful tradition?  I believe it’s about time to celebrate the truth for a change. A day for sharing true feelings and thoughts. Who knows, this might lead us to embrace honesty more than deceit on a daily basis.


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