Kaka Knows My Name – By Shatha Akeel


      Hearing someone calling your name when no one is in the house is a normal thing in our home. There are no ghosts or lost souls, but there is Kaka! KaKa is our female African grey parrot, which has been in my dad’s farm for more than 16 years. The poor thing got depressed because she wasn’t seeing a lot of people, so my dad brought her to our family house. From that moment, she became the smallest family member.

Like any parrot, her ability to whistle and copy voices and sounds is remarkable. She can imitate my dad’s voice perfectly to an extent that we can’t differentiate between my dad’s voice and hers. As a result, we could be in deep trouble with dad and others.

I remember my dad once called my sister, and she thought that Kaka did it. So, she didn’t answer him, and then my dad came furious wondering why she didn’t answer him. Unfortunately, her answer was not convincing. Also, when someone comes asking if my dad is at home while he is not, then Kaka starts talking like him making us look like liars.

Although she likes to be with the crowd, Kaka is not such a friendly pet! You see, only my dad and mom can touch her.  She loves to interact with children, but sometimes she gets scared from their toys. She becomes jealous when a new animal comes to the house. She never stops talking and making noise to get our attention.

Her favorite fruit is mango. When she eats mango she becomes very quiet and gets busyplaying with the mango seed. She never allows anyone to take the seed from her.

Sometimes as I look at her, I wish I could put some glitter or add accessories to her feathers.

But that’s just a part of my imagination. 🙂


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