Beat it! ~ By Zatasha Kiran

Ways to combat common illness:

Jaromír Novota
Photograph Credit: Jaromir Novota

1. For sore and itchy throats cut a lemon in half, remove the seeds and squeeze the juice out. Drink the fresh lemon juice immediately (gargle it a little too if you’re brave enough!) You can repeat this as many times as you like.

Ulrike Mai
Photograph Credit: Ulrike Mai

2. To get rid of chesty coughs cut a clove of garlic and a piece of ginger around the same size as the garlic clove, chew them and swallow. Alternatively you can juice them together and drink. You can also blend the garlic and ginger with some olive oil and run over your chest.

D. Wilson
Photograph Credit: D. Wilson

3. For stuffy noses put boiling water in a bowl and add a few drops of tea tree oil, peppermint oil or any refreshing oil of your choice. Place a towel or cloth over your head and breathe the steam from the bowl in, this will help to clear your nose.

Erika Wittlieb
Photograph Credit: Erika Wittlieb

4. For aching joints and muscles slice lemons and add to a hot bath along with magnesium flakes and soak in it for around half an hour. This will help relieve the pain and relax your body.


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