The Story of Christy Brown ~ By Shatha Akeel

Photograph Credit: The Irish World

If you believe that you have difficult conditions, bear a load, and you are thinking that they prevent you from reaching your dreams, let me remind you that great things come from the hard times.

Today, I want to share with you the story of Christy Brown, an Irish writer and painter who had cerebral palsy and was able to write with the toes of one foot.

Christy Brown was born to a poor family. After his birth, doctors discovered that he had severe cerebral palsy. The surprise was heavy on his family, especially his mother.

Her relatives recommend that she put Christy in the care of a disabled facility so that she can take care of her other children, but she rejected the idea of giving up her child. She sat for long hours with her child between the feelings of despair and hope trying to teach him the alphabet and urging him to speak.

One day, Christy discovered that he can move his left foot, For him, it was like a gateway to the world of hope. The surprise was when he caught a piece of chalk between his toes and wrote the first letter of the alphabet.

That was the beginning of many attempts, he did not get tired or give up trying. As a result, he has gained fame in painting and writing poems and novels. The most famous is My Left Foot.

He lived his life and challenged difficult conditions to prove to us that there is nothing impossible in this life, and that we can reach our dreams by working hard with faith.

I personally believe that he is truly a symbol of the strong will and faith.


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