Double Chin No More – By J. Raza

Photography Credits: Giuliamar

Let’s talk about this stubborn chin fat, or is it a double chin? What ever you call it, it definitely is frustrating, altering the looks of our faces.  How can we get rid of it? I will discuss some of the main factors in this article.

Are you wearing a high-neck top or scarf and tilting your heads just right when your photos are taken? Do you feel like if it weren’t for makeup tricks, such as contouring and the like, you wouldn’t go out?

How is this extra piece of flesh caused? The extra layer of fatty tissue under our chins is most often caused by being overweight. Sagging skin under the chin can also occur as we age and our skin loses elasticity. For a few, it can be genetic. All of these reasons mentioned can be really upsetting to us women. While there are surgical procedures that can eliminate a double chin, they can be expensive. However, there are many simple home treatment options to get rid of a double chin that are pocket-friendly and painless.

Needless to say, you need to reduce excess weight with proper diet and exercise. Our diets and exercising are very important for proper blood flow and keeping the skin young.

Chin exercises  help stretch and tone your face, neck, and jaw muscles, thereby helping you get rid of your double chin. They will also strengthen your chin and neck muscles.

While keeping your spine erect, slowly tilt your head back until you are looking at the ceiling and then pucker up your lips in a pout. Hold this position for five counts and then release. Repeat 5 to 10 times in a row. Do this daily at least for a few weeks. Another exercise involves gently turning your head clockwise and then anticlockwise, keeping your spine straight all the while. Do 5 to 10 repetitions of this exercise, about three times a day for several weeks.  You can do these exercises while sitting or standing but make sure to keep your spine erect.


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