Secrets of Japan – By J. Raza



So all you beauty readers do remember when I wrote the article on “Dermaplaning,”right? In other words “shaving” the face , which is very popular with the Japanese, Korean cultures – one of the main reasons they have great youthful skin. If you haven’t read that article you might want to go take a look at it to understand how this article goes hand in hand together. Also, you will know what videos to google on YouTube.

Not all shave their faces, but it is definitely a more common practice skin care regime in Japan than in western societies. Shaving gets rid of facial fuzz while enhancing skin’s exfoliation process. Also, toners and lotions seemed to work better when applied to the shaved skin. Of course, shaving also makes cosmetic products such as foundations blend in and create a smooth surface on our skin. Whether shaving really helps maintain flawless skin or not, it certainly seems to keep skin clean. What surprises many foreigners is that many Japanese hair salons offer face shaving services for women.

The other big beauty secret of Japan is the CO2 mask aka carbon laser, the celebrity new buzz mask aka hollywood mask. What does it exactly do? Evidence has shown that CO2, when absorbed by the skin, increases the oxygen supply within the cells. It also improves blood circulation, making the skin firm and youthful. The best part of using this product is that it’s made only from f 100 percent naturally occurring products like lactose and Kudzu root, and causes no side effects of any kind to the user. Some of the other benefits of using CO2 are:

Facial skin becomes fairer, as in discoloration, malasma marks from pregnancies, or hyper pigmentations on regular use of the mask.

The deep moisturizing effect of the mask ensures that the skin becomes smoother and more radiant.

The anti oxidant property of CO2 encourages blood circulation and skin regeneration, reducing scars and fine lines.

Face slimming effects have also been observed with regular use of the mask.

CO2 has anti-inflammation properties and with the help of it, you can get rid of acne, pigmentation, dark spots, and even blemishes.

The mask also has anti aging properties, keeping skin youthful and fresh looking.

The laser energy gently targets the melanin in the cells breaking it up for your body’s natural removal processes.

Because the treatment is gentle, multiple passes are needed in order to target deep into the tissue. Now the secret has been all over in the west becoming the most requested treatment by cosmetic spas. Every problem gone with just this one treatment and imagine results 5 times faster then a chemical peel..


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