The Biggest Eye Wrinkle Causers – By J. Raza

Photograph Credits: Jadrogc

Why am I really picky about who applies my makeup on a big event?

Why I always chose to apply my own makeup from a young age till now?

Okay, yes it can be the simple fact that I am an artist myself and very picky critically.

Many do not give it much thought or may see it as too dramatic but in fact it is true and I see so many clients with this problem and for the same reason I am about to share with you.

YES, you got it, it’s applying makeup in a rough manner around your eyes with brushes causing many wrinkles, premature wrinkles from a young age. Pulling the lid so tight every morning to apply that perfect black line, but as time goes the upper lid is so wrinkly that the liner doesn’t look right…or you have formed crow feet on the sides of your eyes, your shadow doesn’t seem right…this is all due to pressing hard and tugging the skin.

Remember the lids and around the eyes are the thinnest piece of skin on your whole face…there is no need in 2016 to apply on eye liner so aggressively we got liquid and gel liners now that glide on so smoothly. Also, not to mention the eye makeup remover, this is probably the most common offender. If you feel you have to rub very hard, it may be you need to find a new remover that also glides the makeup off smoothly.

Lastly, I will add eye creams, rush or no patience. Your eyes are so delicate and creams should be applied only with the weakest finger strength, which is the “ring” finger gently rubbing in the cream, almost like tiny little taps going around.

Take care of your eyes, as they are the most stunning area of the face once you have a full face of makeup.


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