“I am Depressed!” But Really, Are You? – By Shatha Akeel

Photography credits: Geralt

“I am depressed!”

A very common habit among youngsters is to use the line, “I am depressed!”, when they are simply sad or upset. People don’t realize the enormity of the word depression and tend to use it as a substitute to sadness.

What is depression?

Depression is a complex of psychological and physical symptoms. Low mood level or sadness is often the most prominent symptom. The common property of these symptoms is a decreased activity level in some parts of the brain.

Here are some symptoms of depression:

• Lack of appetite or excess of appetite.

• Lack of interest in activities you once loved doing.

• Sudden weight loss or weight gain

• Sleeplessness (insomnia) or excessive sleep

• Fatigue

• Reckless behavior

• Thoughts of death, suicide, etc.

• Self-hate or self-loathing

• Unexplained guilt and anger

• Crying for no reason, getting upset easily

Depression may be detected by one or more of these previously mentioned symptoms.

Depression can be a mild disease that is a result of some irritations faced day by day in life, yet can likewise get intense and make a person absolutely not able to work and not able to take part in social life. Dejection can be serious and can result with a more serious, danger consequence: suicide.

Depression can happen in people of all ages. With young people, lack of enthusiasm for school work, withdrawal from social life, and troublesome disposition can be indications of sorrow.


Now that you know what depression really is, do you still want to use the “I am depressed” expression?


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