Hidden Beauties to Discover in 2017 – By Zatasha Kiran


Photography Credits: Peggy_Marco

1. Guam, one of the many states that make up Micronesia is known for it’s beautiful golden sand beaches and cosmopolitan ways. Although it’s small enough to explore in a day or two Guam’s breathe taking beautiful views will leave you awe struck. With a blended population of indigenous Chamorro, Filipino and Asians, Guam’s diversity translates through the food and culture. Guam provides a genuine, culturally vibrant experience.guamguam1guam-2

2. Zanzibar, birthplace of Freddie Mercury, is an Indian Ocean island located in East Africa also known as Unguja. There are no direct flights to Zanzibar, you have to stop off at Dar es Salam and catch a flight or ferry to the island. Along with beautiful beaches, great resorts and delicious hybrid Middle Eastern/Asian/African cuisine you must explore Stone Town, the old Zanzibar city. Packed with history and architecture dating back to the 19th century Stone Town is a maze of narrow alleys you would love to get lost in.zanzibarzanzibar-1

3. Zadar is one of the oldest cities, located on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Packed with historical artefacts, ruins and Roman and Venetian architecture. Famous for it’s beaches, restaurant and national parks there’s never a dull moment in Zadar. You can also enjoy a number of dance, music and film festivals. Small and easy to get around his city is a must visit for 2017.zadarzadar-1zadar-3

4. Sintra, set in the Portuguese hills, is full of beautiful scenery, national monuments and traditional cafes. If you like hiking Sintra has some wonderful trails that climb the hills of the Serra da Sintra. The biggest attraction would have to be the Pena Palace, built in the 19th century by a former king.sintrasintrasintra-15. Bled: Set along the glacial, emerald green, Lake Bled this town is located in the foothills of the Julian Alps known for its mild climate. One of the main attractions is the iconic medieval Bled Castle built on a rock overlooking the lake. With activities including sightseeing, hiking, biking, water sports and canyoning it’s hard to get bored in Bled!




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