Benefits of Black seeds – By Zatasha Kiran


Black Seeds

The black seed, also called Nigella Sativa, is known as the cure for “everything but death”. It is believed to be first found in ancient Egypt and is widely used for cooking purposes, often being paired with cumin or coriander to spice bread or baked goods. Sensitive to weather and soil condition the black seed is commonly found in the Mediterranean region. As well as being used in several cuisines, the black seed is customarily used for medicinal purposes, to cure certain illnesses and for overall health and well-being. It contains amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, alkaloids and many other compounds that help heal our bodies.

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There are many different external and internal uses of the black seed – the oil being used by the Egyptians for rashes, bites, inflammation, skin nourishment and even as a digestive aid, the Romans ingesting it as a dietary supplement, using it to treat headaches, toothaches and worms and the Indians using to cure nervous disorders, gynaecological matters and lift moods. More recently the black seed has been known to cure and/or aid type 3 diabetes, epilepsy, asthma and various forms of cancer along with a lot more ailments. All in all it’s safe to say that the black seed is an enormous advantage to the human body.

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A lot of articles, books and research papers have been published on the benefits of the black seed. Famous Persian physician Ibn Sina mentions the black seed in his historically renowned book “The book of healing” saying that it stimulates energy, helps with fatigue and can be used as anti fungal aid and in the 19890’s Dr Ahmed Al-Qadi, an Egyptian American doctor, was awarded for his study and research on the black seed being the treatment for all diseases caused by deficiency in the immune system. King’s College London even published a study in 1997 supporting all of this information.

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Here are some ways to use black seed:

*Eat seven every morning – plain or with a spoon of pure honey

*Boil with water, drain and drink the water

*Heat with milk and drink

*Spice bread or baked goods and eat

*Use the oil for the hair and skin

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