Lashes for days! – By Zatasha Kiran

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No makeup look is complete without long, luscious lashes, usually achieved with the use of a good mascara. Whether you like the glamorously over dramatic look or are more inclined towards the natural look, there’s no doubt that mascara helps you achieve that bright eyed, fresh faced look we all aspire to. To help achieve this look without false lashes, try our top three picks.

  1. Benefit Roller Lash 

The brush is designed to lift, separate and curl lashes, sort of like a temporary perm, for a pretty, girly look that holds up to 12 hours. It contains provitamin B5 and serin that helps and protects lashes and is great for every day look. It’s easier to remove than other mascaras due to its thin consistency. The dainty vintage packaging alone is enough to make you want to buy it. It comes in two sizes, regular and mini sizes. We’d rate this product a 10/10! A must buy on your next makeup shopping spree.


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Pasted Image 0_2.jpeg      2. Lancôme Hypnose 

Great for sensitive eyes, this mascara provides an every day natural look. It fans lashes out nicely and lengthens them. The brush helps to separate lashes, prevents clumping and makes the mascara easily buildable. The curved, almost S shaped brush allows full contact with the lashes to achieve that defined, dramatically lengthened look. It provides an intense shade of glossy black and to top it off, it smells great too! We’d rate this product a 9/10. A must have for any makeup collection.

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3. Rimmel Super Curler

Rimmel London has done it again with their genius 24 hour super curler mascara that gives a better lift than any other mascara we’ve tried so far. It builds volumising, dramatic curls for an all day glamorous look. The long bristled brush makes flawless application extra easy to achieve and prevents clumping and smudging. This mascara gives a rich, shiny black effect and works even better when used on top of other mascaras. We’d rate this a 9/10. Great for mixing and enhancing other products.

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Mascara application tips: 

• If you’re nearing the end of your mascara and want to try and get the most out of it add a few drops of oil to the tube and mix.

• Use waterproof mascaras to hold the curl better.

• Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler before applying mascara for that extra curl.

• Don’t pump the wand when you want to get more product on, instead gently swirl so as not to let any extra air in that will dry the mascara up.



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