2017 Spring/Summer Fashions Trends ~ By Zatasha Kiran 


Summer is knocking at our doors along with the latest summer trends which are being paraded up and down fashion catwalks worldwide. This season’s styles are oozing with 80s vibes and saturated in daring, vibrant colour schemes. Stay stylish this summer with our staple tips.


Bright, bold colours are back this summer with bursts of red, yellow and most prominently, fuchsia pink featuring all over the catwalk with brands like Valentino, Celine and Balenciaga. Colour clashing was seen a lot particularly combining red and pink which was a favourite with multiple designers this season. Dare to colour?

Pasted Image 0_1.jpeg


Ruffles and flares are certainly here to stay this season. Not only do we see them on sleeves but trousers too. We’ve seen ruffles and flares slowly creeping back in previous collections but this summer they’re bigger, bolder and in a variation of different fabrics.

Pasted Image 0_2.jpeg

Pasted Image 0_3.jpeg


Whether is be seaside beach stripes, sailor stripes or banker stripes they’ve clearly been a staple on the catwalk this season. Graphic statement stripes were seen everywhere from Victoria Beckham to Nina Ricci.

Pasted Image 0_4.jpeg

Pasted Image 0_5.jpeg


Head to toe wallpaper florals for spring are all the rage this summer. From dresses and shirts to pants and even shoes and boots. Think whimsical, flirty and girly, it’s flower power all the way.

Pasted Image 0_6.jpeg

Pasted Image 0_7.jpeg


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