Knowledge and its Carriers – By Rukaya Idrees

While this article is mainly focused on the teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his teachings, it is crucial to note that the message I am trying to convey applies to every single person out there — All of humanity with their different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs,  life experiences, and heritage. So feel free to infer from the meaning of this article and apply it to your own life.

Your knowledge is the light you can shed on others’ lives. Share the love 🙂

Example of Knowledge and its carriers is evident in the teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He always presents us with amazing examples that are the most effective on the heart and the most simple in meaning.

We will talk about one of these examples:

The first example is about abundant rain.

What is the example of abundant rain as prophet Mohamad (pbuh) Said?

Photography Credits: Jill111

Abundant rain is like guidance and knowledge which Allah sent to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

We all know how rain is important.

We all know how much we need rain.

If we know this, then we should know that guidance and knowledge which Allah has sent to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is very important. No Muslim can survive without this knowledge like humans cannot survive without rain.

Imagine a view of a pleasant landscape alive, abundant with greenery, it has a lot of grass, trees and colorful flowers because of the abundant rain. So believe that your heart will be more alive and beautiful with the knowledge of Quran and Sunnah.

The second example is about the three types of land on which the rain falls.

These lands are different in terms of their use of rain water and in terms of their usefulness to others.

Let us take a look at each type of these three lands to describe them after the rainfall.

1- Fertile Soil
Photography Credits: Alexas_Fotos

This is a picture of the land which benefits the most from rain water and is the most useful to others, This land:

  • Absorbs rain water.
  • Brings forth vegetation and grass in abundance .
  • People and their animals benefit from it.
2- Hard Land


This type of land:

  • Doesn’t absorb rain water.
  • Doesn’t bring forth vegetation.
  • But it holds the rain water, and people benefit from it as they utilize it for drinking, for their animals and for irrigation of the land for cultivation.
3- Barren Land
Photography Credits: Axonite
Photography Credits: Axonite

This type of land

  • Can not hold the water.
  • Cannot bring forth vegetation.
  • Therefore, this land gives no benefit.

But what are these lands similar to?

These different types of lands are like different types of people based on their acceptance of knowledge.

The first two types of land (fertile soil-hard land) are like people who comprehend Allah’s religion and benefit from the knowledge and then teach others.

They are the happy ones. And the first types are higher in rank.

How happy we would be if we were like this land.

How happy we would be if we learned and benefitted ourselves and others around us with this knowledge.

There are people who have gained a lot of knowledge and benefitted from it and then there are those who have gained very little and benefitted even less.

No matter how different our goals and our wishes may be, I encourage you to make this a goal among other goals in your lives.

Do not ever stop at learning an ayah or a hadith and do not stop benefiting people with your knowledge.

It is not necessary to teach a large group of people, start with those nearest to you, your kids, relatives and neighbors.

If you pondered on the beauty of this fertile land you will achieve the beauty of a land similar to it.

The  last land (barren land) is like a person who does not care for knowledge and does not take Allah’s guidance .

And the people in this type are blameworthy according to the speech of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

So if it is said to you that “Allah says, or His Prophet says,” do not be like this earth rather try hard to believe and accept and act on it.–_VlnxCk&app=desktop



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