9 Simple Ways to Turn your Sorrows into Happiness ~ By Rukaya Idrees

C’est la vie. This is life. It doesn’t remain the same.

We fluctuate between sorrowful and mournful feelings due to tribulations or circumstances, as well as joyful and happy feelings when we are on the top.

Are you the one of those who surrenders to their grieves and his worries?

How can you deal with your grief and worries?

Let’s read along and learn about some guidelines to be happy in the time of grief.

  1. Ponder upon your blessings and look at those whom you see have less than you.

Sometimes we find a person who looks at others then he wishes for the money that they have, the palace that they live in, the friends that they sit with, then he feels sorry for himself. But if he remembers the blessings he has been granted then he will find that he is in good health and wellness, security, shelter and many other blessings.

Do not compare yourself with those whom you see as better than you rather look at those who are less than you in health, wellness, and money so that you may feel satisfied.

2. Try to forget and don’t be sad about something that was done and gone.

Sadness doesn’t change anything but only weakens the motivation and paralyzes you from work and productive outcome. And Don’t be like the one who says, I wish if I had done that, and then feels remorse. Rather make the past a useful experience, a learned lesson, for you to do better in the future.

3. Hope for a better future.

Don’t think a lot about the future and do not torture yourself with future expectations. We don’t know whether we will still be alive or die before it happens.

There are Many who worry and grieve about fate . Do not be one of them, instead live your life in this moment and work for your future without anxiety.

4. Make others happy and be kind to them.

Do Sympathize with the sorrowful, make orphans happy, help poor people, teach the ignorant, help the one in debt, be helpful to others and you will find happiness and joy in your heart. And be sure that your kind work will not be wasted, and you will find a recompense in the future.

5. Let others’ opinions benefit you, make you stronger and motivate and encourage you. Ignore the ones that don’t.

As long as you are alive in this life, you will hear a lot of different opinions so take the ones that benefit you and leave the opinions of the inhibitors.

6. Turn your sorrows to success.

There are a lot of stories that we hear which talk about achievements that happened during difficult situations.

Like a person who wrote a book while he was a prisoner, or like the one who got old and alone while his family and friends were busy  with their lives but ended up getting a Bachelors degree at the age of seventy.

Don’t say I can not do that with all these problems, rather try to be productive in your difficult times.

7. Be busy with all that is useful:

Work, read, write, and be careful of wasted, free time for it doesn’t result in much except boredom and sadness.

8. Remember that verily, with every difficulty there is relief.

It is so beautiful to be sure that relief is near. All things shall become better, be patient. Nothing stays the same forever.

9. Take a break.

We all have our responsibilities, concerns and work pressure that affect our psyche. Take a holiday for some time. It is the right solution for meditation, relaxation and self-recalculation. And it is a good chance to practice some fun and useful hobbies. Then return again to work diligently and actively.

In the end, know that sadness is normal so it is natural to grieve when you are faced with the ordeals of life but do not give in to sorrow.

Always be strong smile and be optimistic.

I wish for you a happy and peaceful life! 🙂


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