MUST READ: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Reviewed by Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is a continuation of Malcolm’s observations on the reasons behind success. His first book, The Tipping Point, showed great success worldwide due to the fact that he presented theories on the tipping point of epidemics which he described in three rules: The Law of Few, The Stickiness Factor, and The Power of Context, which were theories that no one had thought of or at least wrote about before. He then went on with his second successful book, Blink, in which he wrote about how past experiences can lead people to make informed decisions very rapidly (in a blink!) with little information in hand.
Outliers, like his previous books, speaks about how a person’s environment, the conditions they were put in, how much they gave in to reach a certain level of profession, and how cultural differences play a role in the success of individuals and organizations. The word Outliers basically means ‘something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body’, an exceptional individual, if I may say.
He started the book by speaking about opportunity, mentioning stories of successful hockey players, Bill gates, Bill Joy, The Beetles and many others. He portrays the message that people aren’t born as geniuses, but they need to work hard in a certain way to get there, providing that they have an opportunity which they took. He writes, ‘There is a lot of confusion about the 10,000 rule that I talk about in Outliers. It doesn’t apply to sports. And practice isn’t a SUFFICIENT condition for success. I could play chess for 100 years and I would never be a grand master. The point is simply thatnatural ability requires a huge investment of time in order to be made manifest. Unfortunately sometimes complex ideas get oversimplified in translation’.

Gladwell writes about the successes and failures in the pages of Outliers, he puts out his conclusions and reasonings behind them, but still giving the reader space to put their own conclusions throughout the book. Some of the ideas he puts out there are obvious, like the fact that you need to practice to become an outlier. Many are new, at least to myself, like how birth datesaffect success or how cultural differences have an effect on being exceptional in a specific field.

Throughout the book, however, he goes on and on in long conversations trying to prove his point before reaching the exact point, which some readers might find a little too much, and other readers, on the other hand, find thrilling. As a person who read his previous books and was astonished by how he made conclusions and put the theories that were never discussed before in words, I found the Outliers as inspiring as The Tipping Point and Blink, maybe not as much, but I still enjoyed reading every page of it and surely do recommend reading it.

Malcolm Gladwell has proven himself to be an outlier by writing the Outliers, and as written by The Guardian,

‘Gladwell is not only a brilliant storyteller; he can see what those stories tell us, the lessons they contain’.


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Must Visit: Dubai’s Best Breakfast Venues – By Zatasha Kiran

1.Cocoa Room

Open from 8-11 AM and buzzing with people and flooded with natural lighting, this rustic modern breakfast venue is a must try. From mouth watering breakfast dishes to finger licking desserts all beautifully presented, there’s something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading “Must Visit: Dubai’s Best Breakfast Venues – By Zatasha Kiran”

Must Read: Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy – Reviewed by Dr. Hilana Omar

Photography Credits: Christoph

How many times did you have a long to-do list ready and nothing was ticked out ? I know, I do that every single night before I sleep, and only keep adding more to it through out my working hours with the hope of getting things done before I get to bed. I get home by the evening, thinking about what should be done first and about the long list I have, and I end up doing almost none. That’s frustrating! Delaying a lot of things till the weekend, and end up spending it doing them all at once. That cycle is a never-ending one leading to a sequence of disappointments. At the beginning of 2016, just as that of every year, I got a new agenda to keep my tasks and goals in one place in front of my eyes at all times. Every month passed by and I have barely achieved any of what’s on its first page.

On the 1st of September, I started reading a new book , looking for a change or any sort of guidance through my mess. “If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day,” says Mark Twain. That doesn’t seem yummy at all. That is the quote Brian Tracy wrote his book around. In his book Eat that Frog, the same concept is discussed in depth saying that if you do the tasks you keep procrastinating first, everything else won’t seem that bad. Even if Mark did not mean it that way, Tracy made a quite clear point of it. He also said that if you eat the uglier frog first, then the second one won’t put much taste difference. He stated that the same idea would apply if you had an ugly frog to eat in the morning, but you spent too much time looking at it, the idea of eating it will be harder to swallow. In other words, do the heavier and delayed tasks first, everything else will follow easily. I decided to try that, but most of the time the heavier tasks are the ones that are time consuming and can’t be done during work time. I applied his advice, and tried to do it first, still I had to delay other tasks on my to-do list to the next day because of lack in energy and time.

Again I went deep into the same cycle of procrastinating tasks to the next day, then it hit me that what if i rearrange my to-do list according to the priorities, that seems more convincing. That night, I wrote my to -do list as usual, but this time I renumbered them according to how important it was and when it was due. I had some articles and researches to read and summarize, and since it was a priority on my list , I had them done in the cab, on my break and through out the day as long as I had no patients. I had my stops on my way back home, according to how close the destination was from my house. I got my medications, grocery, my lab results that I was supposed to take two weeks ago in that order. True that on the first day, I had a lot of things done, yet I still had things pending to the next day. However, I could totally say that it was really a productive day, and most of what was on my list was done. Yet because it was being delayed for a while, I had so much left to be done. I wrote a list of things I have been delaying, and again in priority order, and on a different page I had my to-do list for the next day. That helped me get my daily tasks done, and if I had extra time, I would do something from the other list. Distributing them throughout the days of the week, I had all my procrastinated tasks done by the weekend and I had my day off peacefully relaxing.

However, eat that frog wasn’t all about the cutesy of the frog, it is very organized and comprehensible, pretty much inspires you on how to get your things done. A lot of reviews stated that it is the “definitive guide” on that matter. Go get your to-do list for the things you have to do tomorrow only and Eat that Frog !

Basta Market: One Step Closer to Your Dream – By Shatha Akeel


Photography credits: Unsplash

Every great business starts small. The largest companies were created with simple beginnings where the ideas started from mere dreams then became plans to generate projects.

Derived from that belief, the idea of creating a social market came to light to show and care for all distinct and small businesses. It’s a place to market their products and exchange entrepreneurial cultures between young people.

The following is a great example:

Basta Market: Continue reading “Basta Market: One Step Closer to Your Dream – By Shatha Akeel”

Must Read: Meet Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch ~ By Natalia Oparka

Photography Credit: Geralt

If you are fond of crime stories and still haven’t heard of Harry Bosch, do not waste any more time!

First the facts!

The author Michael Connelly was born in 1956 in Philadelphia. He majored in journalism at the University of Florida and decided to become a writer after reading Raymond Chandler’s works. Connelly worked at newspapers specialising in the crime beat (hence his convincing descriptions of LAPD work). He lives in Florida with his family. Continue reading “Must Read: Meet Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch ~ By Natalia Oparka”