Say Goodbye to White Flour ~ By Zatasha Kiran

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White flour is basically wholewheat flour that has been heavily processed, bleached and stripped of the two main components that make it nutritious, bran and germ. This process also gets rid of fibre which helps us digest it easily and all vitamins in the flour that benefit us, therefore raising the risk of diabetes and many other diseases and providing us with nothing more than good taste! Switching to healthier alternatives can help reduce bloating, give us more energy by consuming more nutrients and helping us to feel less lethargic and even help with hair, skin and overall health. Below are some healthy alternatives to white flour along with some recipes for you to try out.

Almond Flour Brownies

Almond flour is is a great source of vitamin E. It also contains iron, manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium and other minerals as well as being gluten free.

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Simple Mouthwatering Homemade Sweets – By Natalia Oparka

Photography Credits: Skeeze

I often wonder whether I’m the only one who grows a sweet tooth every once in a while. That “once in a while” usually takes place in gloomy rainy afternoons in November… Buying buckets of hot chocolate may turn to be pretty costly (and unhealthy, I guess), so I’m always fond of homemade ways of satisfying my passion for sweetness.

Here is one of my new faves:

Homemade Bounty Chocolate Bar

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Delicious and Easy Steps to Prep Party Food – By Natalia Oparka


It may be the end of summertime, but definitely not the end of your social life. And we know that you are pretty busy, that’s why we offer you a selection of easy to prep recipes for delicious party foods, that will make your work in the kitchen effortless and leave your guests satisfied and ready for more..:)

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Pasta Bakes – By Natalia Oparka


It goes without saying that we all struggle with time management. Although we are incredibly busy, we seem to sleep less, relax less and, – yes – unfortunately, cook less. To make life a little bit easier, this month we’ve picked one pasta recipe that is easy and budget-friendly.

Fusilli with tomato sauce:

Servings: 2

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3 Delicious Summery Drinks ~ By Natalia Oparka

The nights are short and warm and the days are long and sunny – that can only mean one thing: The hottest of our seasons is in full bloom! However, while enjoying the gorgeous weather, we can’t possibly forget about keeping healthy; that’s why we propose a few of our homemade summery drinks that will keep you hydrated and satisfied!


Liana Bautista
Photograph Credit: Liana Bautista


  1. Instant coffee
  2. Honey / sweetener / brown sugar
  3. Milk

A recipe for two lattes (because drinking coffee together is so much fun!) :

Prepare a cup of coffee (I use two spoonfuls) and leave it to cool down. When it is no longer hot pour the coffee into two tall glasses, then add the honey (again two spoonfuls or more if you please) and add around 250 ml of cold milk. Use a frother to get a nice fluffy texture. You may top it off with ground chocolate or some whipped cream. Continue reading “3 Delicious Summery Drinks ~ By Natalia Oparka”

Turmeric Healing Properties – By Zatasha Kiran




Turmeric is a plant derived from the ginger family usually found in southwest India and  a staple ingredient in Indian cuisine. Although traditionally used with food it is also highly beneficial for your health and is used as a medical herb. Turmeric contains compounds called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin, an active ingredient. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant. It has great benefits for your body and brain. It helps boost brain activity, improves memory and can help fight, reduce or even reverse brain dysfunction. It also has beneficial effects on factors known to provoke heart disease. Continue reading “Turmeric Healing Properties – By Zatasha Kiran”

Me and Garlic – Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight ~ By Natalia Oparka


Photography Credit: Condesign

      Since I found out that vampires magically transformed from dark and mysterious creatures of the night into piano players who wear make up and sparkle in daylight, I turned over a new leaf and decided to find myself a suitable companion in the kitchen. Obviously, I wasn’t the first one to discover and fall in love with this humble member of onion family; Garlic has been used as both an ingredient in the kitchen and medicine since the times of the Pharaohs. In 18th century French gravediggers used crushed garlic to protect themselves from the plague. It also hasn’t been forsaken in modern times. Garlic was used in both World Wars to protect the wounded soldiers from infections and gangrene. Continue reading “Me and Garlic – Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight ~ By Natalia Oparka”