2017 Spring/Summer Fashions Trends ~ By Zatasha Kiran 


Summer is knocking at our doors along with the latest summer trends which are being paraded up and down fashion catwalks worldwide. This season’s styles are oozing with 80s vibes and saturated in daring, vibrant colour schemes. Stay stylish this summer with our staple tips.


Bright, bold colours are back this summer with bursts of red, yellow and most prominently, fuchsia pink featuring all over the catwalk with brands like Valentino, Celine and Balenciaga. Colour clashing was seen a lot particularly combining red and pink which was a favourite with multiple designers this season. Dare to colour?

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Capturing Surrounding Beauty is My Hobby – By Shatha Akeel

Photography Credits: Markgraf-Ave

I think that each of us has a hobby to practice away from work, home routine, or maybe just to escape our daily life problems..

For me it’s different…

I’ve loved photography since I was little ..

I used to hold that black camera and take a photo of what I see beautiful in my eyes ..

I took photos of myself, my family, my friends , my stuff, every thing

It’s my passion…

Here, I would like to share with you some photos taken by me:

Some see photography as a hobby and passion and others see it as a waste of time. Opinions differ about this hobby.

Personally, I believe that having a passion for photography is not just to shoot photos. Let’s just say that it’s the perfect way to make people view things through our lenses.

DIY: Money Gift Wrap – By Ghadeer Al Jihani

Photography by Stefan Hermans
Photography by Stefan Hermans

To make a small box that is wrapped with money, here are the things that you need:


1. Recycled (reusable) papers

2. Small sugar boxes (or any other medium size box as shown in the image)

3. Brush

4. Stick

5. Paper glue  or wood glue

6. Colored tape

7. Crystal clear book cover

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Gordon Ramsay Brags About His New £1 Million Ferrari – By Dalia Al Saad

CAR LOVERS! Check this out!

The famous Hell’s Kitchen chef has recently bought a Ferrari LaFerrari , which is known to be the king of all exotic sports cars out there!

  • A 6.3-litre V12 engine, an electric motor worthy of a McLaren P1 car
  • Scissor doors
  • charcoal electric car. Its 789-hp V-12 gets a 161-hp boost from an electric motor—that’s right, it’s a hybrid! —somewhat respectable fuel economy
  • Styled like a ground-bound fighter jet, its interior is custom-fit for its owner—as it should be, given its sky-scraping price

Ramsay at first said: ‘Holy Mackerel its Fast…’ before informing fans ‘My first trip was out on the M4 to watch Megs Netball fyi it didn’t take me long to get there…’

He concluded: ‘The Electric part even toasts your bread quickly…’

Gordon Ramsay Instagram


Ramsay also bragged about having his famous catchphrase ‘DONE!’ embellished on the steering wheel.

Things look like they’re going well for the famous chef, whose fortune was estimated by Forbes to be around $48 million.The TV star, owns 15 Ferrari models, including the 458 Italia and F12 Berlinetta. The LaFerrari model is just the newest, youngest, and prettiest member of the family.