Let’s Take a Step to a Better Life – By Rukaya Idrees

Let’s take steps to improve our way of thinking, our behavior.

Let us advance on our dealings with ourselves and with our family and others around us.

Sometimes we meet with people and notice a certain logic and thought process and then we meet them after years and find that they have advanced in their thinking, logic and behavior. While others are in the same spot as they were before.

Why don’t we seek to modify our behavior and acquire moral values and skills that we have not yet mastered?

Set your goal, pick up a pen and paper and define your personality, honestly, without hesitation. Write down your weaknesses and make a note of the ethics and skills that you want to acquire and seek to achieve. Continue reading “Let’s Take a Step to a Better Life – By Rukaya Idrees”


Playing, Pleasure, & Boasting – By Rukaya Idrees

What are you busy with?

We are living in societies that have become obsessed with the appearance. We have been competing to construct futuristic buildings and houses. We feel pride when we purchase the latest car models. We buy the latest mobile phones for ourselves, all this so that we are looked up to and to feel like a star.

We become busy and immersed with every tiny detail at events and weddings. We burden ourselves with the purchase of items. We waste our time searching for these things. We waste our time taking pictures of our possessions and showing them off to people.

Consider how showing off has affected us?

It has broken hearts, crushed souls and wasted this valuable time of ours. Continue reading “Playing, Pleasure, & Boasting – By Rukaya Idrees”

9 Simple Ways to Turn your Sorrows into Happiness ~ By Rukaya Idrees

C’est la vie. This is life. It doesn’t remain the same.

We fluctuate between sorrowful and mournful feelings due to tribulations or circumstances, as well as joyful and happy feelings when we are on the top.

Are you the one of those who surrenders to their grieves and his worries?

How can you deal with your grief and worries?

Let’s read along and learn about some guidelines to be happy in the time of grief.

  1. Ponder upon your blessings and look at those whom you see have less than you.

Sometimes we find a person who looks at others then he wishes for the money that they have, the palace that they live in, the friends that they sit with, then he feels sorry for himself. But if he remembers the blessings he has been granted then he will find that he is in good health and wellness, security, shelter and many other blessings.

Do not compare yourself with those whom you see as better than you rather look at those who are less than you in health, wellness, and money so that you may feel satisfied.

2. Try to forget and don’t be sad about something that was done and gone.

Sadness doesn’t change anything but only weakens the motivation and paralyzes you from work and productive outcome. And Don’t be like the one who says, I wish if I had done that, and then feels remorse. Rather make the past a useful experience, a learned lesson, for you to do better in the future.

3. Hope for a better future.

Don’t think a lot about the future and do not torture yourself with future expectations. We don’t know whether we will still be alive or die before it happens.

There are Many who worry and grieve about fate . Do not be one of them, instead live your life in this moment and work for your future without anxiety.

Continue reading “9 Simple Ways to Turn your Sorrows into Happiness ~ By Rukaya Idrees”

MUST READ: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Reviewed by Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell is a continuation of Malcolm’s observations on the reasons behind success. His first book, The Tipping Point, showed great success worldwide due to the fact that he presented theories on the tipping point of epidemics which he described in three rules: The Law of Few, The Stickiness Factor, and The Power of Context, which were theories that no one had thought of or at least wrote about before. He then went on with his second successful book, Blink, in which he wrote about how past experiences can lead people to make informed decisions very rapidly (in a blink!) with little information in hand.
Outliers, like his previous books, speaks about how a person’s environment, the conditions they were put in, how much they gave in to reach a certain level of profession, and how cultural differences play a role in the success of individuals and organizations. The word Outliers basically means ‘something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body’, an exceptional individual, if I may say.
He started the book by speaking about opportunity, mentioning stories of successful hockey players, Bill gates, Bill Joy, The Beetles and many others. He portrays the message that people aren’t born as geniuses, but they need to work hard in a certain way to get there, providing that they have an opportunity which they took. He writes, ‘There is a lot of confusion about the 10,000 rule that I talk about in Outliers. It doesn’t apply to sports. And practice isn’t a SUFFICIENT condition for success. I could play chess for 100 years and I would never be a grand master. The point is simply thatnatural ability requires a huge investment of time in order to be made manifest. Unfortunately sometimes complex ideas get oversimplified in translation’.

Gladwell writes about the successes and failures in the pages of Outliers, he puts out his conclusions and reasonings behind them, but still giving the reader space to put their own conclusions throughout the book. Some of the ideas he puts out there are obvious, like the fact that you need to practice to become an outlier. Many are new, at least to myself, like how birth datesaffect success or how cultural differences have an effect on being exceptional in a specific field.

Throughout the book, however, he goes on and on in long conversations trying to prove his point before reaching the exact point, which some readers might find a little too much, and other readers, on the other hand, find thrilling. As a person who read his previous books and was astonished by how he made conclusions and put the theories that were never discussed before in words, I found the Outliers as inspiring as The Tipping Point and Blink, maybe not as much, but I still enjoyed reading every page of it and surely do recommend reading it.

Malcolm Gladwell has proven himself to be an outlier by writing the Outliers, and as written by The Guardian,

‘Gladwell is not only a brilliant storyteller; he can see what those stories tell us, the lessons they contain’.

Knowledge and its Carriers – By Rukaya Idrees

While this article is mainly focused on the teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his teachings, it is crucial to note that the message I am trying to convey applies to every single person out there — All of humanity with their different cultural backgrounds, religious beliefs,  life experiences, and heritage. So feel free to infer from the meaning of this article and apply it to your own life.

Your knowledge is the light you can shed on others’ lives. Share the love 🙂

Example of Knowledge and its carriers is evident in the teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh). He always presents us with amazing examples that are the most effective on the heart and the most simple in meaning.

We will talk about one of these examples:

The first example is about abundant rain.

What is the example of abundant rain as prophet Mohamad (pbuh) Said?

Photography Credits: Jill111

Abundant rain is like guidance and knowledge which Allah sent to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

We all know how rain is important.

We all know how much we need rain. Continue reading “Knowledge and its Carriers – By Rukaya Idrees”

My Photo Gallery & Some Photography Tips – By Shatha Akeel

Photos can be taken all the time and at any place.  It’s become easy with the cameras of our mobile phones.

Here are some tips that may help you to take nice pictures:

1. Keep your photos simple

2. Get in close – zoom in

3. Shoot pictures every day

4. Use gridlines to balance your shot

To switch the grid on…

* iPhone: Go to “Settings,” choose “Photos & Camera,” and switch “Grid” on.

* Samsung: Launch the camera app, go to “Settings,” scroll down and switch the “grid lines” option to “on.”

5. Focus on one subject

Art from the Heart – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran

Eclectic Yemeni is a young female artist who shares her talent through social media. She combines her contemporary style with traditional themes to create moving, thought provoking pieces that appeal to people of all backgrounds. We speak to her about her work, inspiration and future plans.

Zatasha Kiran: Tell us a bit about your childhood.

Eclectic Yemeni: Growing up I always wanted to be the person I am today, I wanted to be content with whatever I had at hand. Growing up in Yemen didn’t really allow me to be exposed to art or artists, it wasn’t that important, at least to my environment it wasn’t. Continue reading “Art from the Heart – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran”