Uvadahlia is an online magazine that works hard to inspire its readers to lead healthier lives in a positive mindset. We believe that spreading helpful ideas has an infinite power in bringing the best out of people. By altering perceptions, feelings, and thus actions, our readers can make better decisions in their daily lives and enjoy inner-peace and love.

The name of our magazine in essence is about “finding balance.”

“Uva,” meaning grapes in Italian, is drawn downwards the soil, which makes you realize the importance of finding the center of your gravity to become well grounded and down-to-earth, while “Dahlia,” the vibrant flower, shoots up towards the sky and unfurls into a large, round, and multi-petaled blossom, which represents your success and happiness.

Our correspondents have different religious and cultural backgrounds and they also come from different regions of the world. We believe that this enriches our magazine’s content and broadens the spectrum of opinions and experiences for the good of us all.

We believe in having a fun time while we do what we are passionate about, and we are passionate about what we do.

Dalia Al Saad Founder and Editor of Uvadahlia Magazine


Zatasha Kiran
Teacher, designer, columnist.
Dr. Abdullah Bahi
Doctor, columnist
Shatha Akeel
Jeddawia, photographer, psychologist.