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Chloe’s Cupcake Kitchen: The Power of Determination – By Dalia Al Saad

You’re never too young to make political changes in your country. Skeptical? Well here’s the story of a little girl who did just that.

Twelve year old Chloe Stirling’s story with cupcakes started when she was about nine. She whipped up her melt-in-your-mouth cupcakes mostly for friends, relatives and fundraisers. Making about $80 a week, her plan is to purchase a car when she turns 16. To reach that goal, her parents are encouraging her by matching each dollar she earns.

Photo: The Blaze Chloe Stirling with her creations.
Photo: The Blaze
Chloe Stirling with her creations.

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SUCCESS IN THE CITY – By Bridget Blevins

The dictionary defines success as the achievement of one’s goals and the attainment of wealth, position, honor, and the like. Each journey is a private and personal quest. Everyone takes a different road to reach their destination.

I would like to introduce Mr. Mohammed F. Qubouri.  Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Mohammed comes from a family of eight: four sisters and one brother. His father is a retired General of the Royal Air Force of Saudi Arabia and his mother manages the home.

Mohammed graduated high school and completed one year in New Market ,Canada. He moved to the U.S. to W.D.C and attended the American University where he received his bachelor’s degree. His post-graduate studies were at George Washington University where he earned his Master’s degree.

Mohammed is the Vice President of Business Development at Intimaa Real Estate Service Company. He is married and he and his lovely wife have a beautiful baby girl.

I had the opportunity to talk with Mohammed about his success and this is what he had to say …

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A Unique Irish Experience: Saint Patrick’s Day – By Valentina Coppola

Have you ever heard about Saint Patrick’s Day?
Well, it’s a unique, fun, and interesting experience that you need to have one day in your life. You can’t miss it!
A bit of history…

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A Spanish Experience – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

A Spanish Experience-1


May is devoted to celebration of Madrid’s patron – San Isidro. That festivity comes with its unique programme, which means BULLFIGHTING (you get a chance to see world-famous bullfighter since Madrid is the main place for corrida). If you are familiar with Ernest Hemingway, you probably know how much he loved that attraction. You may learn more about Hemingway and bullfighting in cultural, out-of-the-ring part of the programme.

A Spanish Experience-3A Spanish Experience-2

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Celebrity Getaway – Didi Vita

Summer is just around the corner! Do you want to spend it like your favorite star? Well, I would encourage you to watch the video above and get a sneak peek.. If you can’t, here’s a wrap-up:

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