Benefits of Black seeds – By Zatasha Kiran


Black Seeds

The black seed, also called Nigella Sativa, is known as the cure for “everything but death”. It is believed to be first found in ancient Egypt and is widely used for cooking purposes, often being paired with cumin or coriander to spice bread or baked goods. Sensitive to weather and soil condition the black seed is commonly found in the Mediterranean region. As well as being used in several cuisines, the black seed is customarily used for medicinal purposes, to cure certain illnesses and for overall health and well-being. It contains amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, alkaloids and many other compounds that help heal our bodies. Continue reading “Benefits of Black seeds – By Zatasha Kiran”


Duolingo: The Green Owl App – By Dalia Al Saad

Ever since I was 4, I’ve always been a huge language-learning lover! At that age, I remember singing along an American song with my older brothers trying to get the lyrics right. Of course what I call now “singing” was in reality just baby talk. That childish attempt produced a good story for the whole family to recall in every occasion, which is fine by me 🙂 You see, since then, I had the opportunity to study in American schools and learn proper English as well as the Arabic language. Fellow adult Arabs would not hide their astonishment when they found out that I understood what they were saying in English, or in a certain event when I helped two ladies out by being their translator. I felt like I was their bridge of communication who helped in venting their frustrations! All that and much more helped in boosting my self-confidence as a kid, which enhanced my thirst for language-learning even more. As I grew older, I indulged in learning the French language with my mom. That didn’t go as planned since I wasn’t 100% committed to learning the language, however, at age 17, I finally took it seriously and progressed. I am now an English teacher who is learning Italian for the love of it. With the help of the Internet, I found many free websites that clearly explain grammar rules, YouTube videos that have helped me with my pronunciation and the best free app ever: Duolingo! Continue reading “Duolingo: The Green Owl App – By Dalia Al Saad”

The Skin Tone Test (Makeup & Hair) – By J. Raza

Skin tone is very Important when choosing the right make up for yourself. Many wonder how to identify our skin tones especially if we have discoloration and mild redness. Working along many successful make up artists and teachers, I have learned a few easy ways identifying out skin tones.

If makeup looks like the right color in the package but looks odd once applied, you’ve likely purchased makeup with the incorrect undertone for your skin. The skin’s undertone is the warm, cool, or neutral hue that shows through the surface color of skin.

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Classic and Easy Pecan Pie! – Dalia Al Saad

Serving:  8 slices
Total calories: 4,466;
Calories per piece: 558


Photographed by Msphotographic



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Planting the Seed of American Football – Interview by Zatasha Kiran

A 22 year old Saudi American hybrid and fitness fanatic, Bandar Khattab began to spread the sport of American Football in Jeddah from 2006. Currently studying marketing in Memphis university his love of sports lead him to join the American football team on campus, hence inspiring him to bring his beloved sport back to his hometown and start his very own team. Bandar talks to us about some of the things that keep him motivated on his journey to physical and mental success.

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