WikiFave: The Empire of the Dead Under the City of Lights ~ By Dr. Hilana Omer

Catacombes de Paris


L’ossuaire municipal was incorporated on the 1st of January 2013 in the public institution Paris Musees .

It’s one of the 14 museums in the city of Paris.  Earlier in the 4th century, Parisians’ burial grounds were to the southern outskirts of the Roman-era Left Bank city. After the Frankish invasions and the Roman Empire’s fall, Parisians abandoned this settlement for the marshy Right Bank. Their first settlement was in higher grounds of Saint-Etienne church and burial ground, by the 10th century these marshlands were at its fullest, thus instead of burying their dead away from inhabited areas, the Paris Right Bank settlement began its life with cemeteries at its center. Their most central cemetery was a burial ground  at Notre Dame de Bois church, which became a property of Saint-Opportune parish after the original church was destroyed in the 9th century by the Norman invasion, it then became its own parish under the Saints Innocents church from 1130, this burial ground is filling the land ,today, between Rue de la Lingerie and Rue Berger, had become the city’s main cemetery. Continue reading “WikiFave: The Empire of the Dead Under the City of Lights ~ By Dr. Hilana Omer”


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