Flight 668 (Part 2/2) ~ By Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Everyone started clapping and crying in relief as the pilot landed the plane safely to the ground. No one had expected this emergency landing, not the pilot, and not the air traffic control tower either.
Everyone was relieved, people around me were hugging and crying from the joy that their lives weren’t taken away from them. I was relieved too, no doubt about that. I hadn’t been planning to die this early in my life anyways! Not at the time when my daughter was going to join college real soon, or when my son is going through puberty and needs someone to be there for support.
But I was more confused than relieved. This old fellow beside me hadn’t taken the smile off his face since the plane started drifting towards death. Even then, I didn’t see the relief on his face like all the other passengers and cabin crew. He was just sitting there happily, being there, and smiling as he saw the people around him.
Does he have a mental problem? I haven’t heard of a dysfunction that makes you smile in disasters. I had to know the secret of this man. I got angry when I can’t find the TV remote control for God’s sake!
“Excuse me, sir?”
He looked at me and nodded, “Yes?”
“I have to ask you, sir, how did you do it?”
A grandpa’s grin spread on his face, “Do what, son?”
“You were smiling!” I said, “People were screaming and crying and you were..”
He was laughing now.
I couldn’t help but smile, “I really wanna know,” I said.
He stood up, and I instantly stood up with him, knowing that I was sitting in his only way out. He walked to the aisle and reached out for his bag in the overhead bin. Then he slowly and confidently took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me with a smile before he walked away without uttering another word.
I was even more confused now. I looked closely at the piece of paper, sat down, opened it and started reading. It was a poem, handwritten, with no name on it.
Have you ever asked yourself what you’re doing with this life?
Is the purpose to ace exams, have a good job and a wife?
Or is it much more than that? Let me tell you, from my point of view,
Something I learned the hard way, and I’ll easily pass it to you,
No one knows when he’ll end, no one will know, no one ever knew,
So you’ll have to pretend it’s in two days, tomorrow, or in the next hour,
You have to have confidence, and never stop your life or cut off your power,
Don’t grieve on what’s in the past, don’t cry on what you think is sour,
Your life is in your hands, you can either go forward or back,
The choice is completely yours, you don’t need a life hack, 
There will come a time when your life will seem very black,
Like you’re trapped in a dark room, so you have to search for that crack,
That will bring you in light, you’ll always find one,
No matter what happens, after the dark dawn comes the sun,
Face the challenges that come in your way, don’t run,
Your time is limited, so if you live it the right way,
You will know why I smiled, you’ll understand what I say.
“Sir. Sir!” Said the old overweight woman as she shook my shoulder, “I need to use the toilet, could you please..?”
I stared at her, not knowing what just happened. And then I saw it, just behind her shoulders, outside the cabin window, the beautiful scenery that I got on this plane to reach. We were flying just above our destination, “My family!” I thought, “I’m going to see them after all!”
That was when I realized, there was no old man, there was no sandstorm, there was only a valuable lesson that I learned from my dream, from myself.

Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki

Playing is a child’s purpose in life and the source of his or her entertainment and fun.

Playing provides a child with some important skills to build his or her personality. lt’s a fast way to get to know more about your child’s tendencies from a very young age.
It can develop his personality while having fun. Without playing, the child becomes less-skilled, and that proves the importance of playing, which is determined by adult awareness about how playing is significant for the child. Continue reading “Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki”

Is it Enough? – By Alia Charles

If you listen to the news or you read the paper or even if you talk to your friends and neighbors everyone is talking about depression.

Depression is in actuality a medical condition but we tend to use the word to describe any sort of unhappiness. Much of the problem is the fact that so many people define happiness as a feeling of intense joy.  If happiness is only felt as intense joy then using that intensity as a measure of our happiness almost always will ensure that we are “depressed”. Continue reading “Is it Enough? – By Alia Charles”

3 Pillars – By Dr. Hilana Omer

Once upon a time, there lived a little family of three, a father, a mother, and their only daughter.

On a sunny day, they decided to go on a picnic somewhere in the forest. The father was a  gentleman, but he had many bad health habits. The daughter had a bone disease; if any of her bones fractured, it can’t be realigned. The mother was a healthy housewife who was always taking care of her family.

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Starting Over – By Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Human beings are not the only creatures on earth who link things that they do to time. For instance, birds migrate north in the spring to breed and return south in the autumn where grounds are warmer and provide a better atmosphere. Trees let go of their leaves in the fall giving space from new leaves to grow once the cold winter has passed.  Squirrels and bears hibernate in the winter when the food isn’t sufficient to conserve energy and not die of hunger.

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My Tribe – By Natalia Oparka

It’s New Year’s Eve. Early afternoon.

The last day of the year is usually the time of nostalgic reflections and careful analysis of what actually went right and wrong for us (or heavy drinking and crazy partying, take your pick). Unfortunately (or fortunately? Really hard to tell.), I have to admit, I have been suffering from a minor case of sentimentalism lately and that led me to some impressive conclusions…

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Friendship: A Special Relationship – By Valentina Coppola


Everybody needs somebody to share experiences, situations, and moments with. Someone who’ll be there when everything goes wrong. Everybody needs a friend.

What is true friendship? Why do two people decide to be friends? Well, it’s not easy to find a real friend and it isn’t easy to be a good friend either. If you find a real friend, you’re really lucky.

Friendship is a special kind of love: If you have a friend, your life is definitely better. You feel stonger because you know your friend is always by your side. It’s a precious blessing for everyone. It’s a lovely feeling, a unique blend of affection, loyalty, respect, trust, love and loads of fun. Without friends, no one would choose to live. It’s one of the most important things to have in life.

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