2017 Spring/Summer Fashions Trends ~ By Zatasha Kiran 


Summer is knocking at our doors along with the latest summer trends which are being paraded up and down fashion catwalks worldwide. This season’s styles are oozing with 80s vibes and saturated in daring, vibrant colour schemes. Stay stylish this summer with our staple tips.


Bright, bold colours are back this summer with bursts of red, yellow and most prominently, fuchsia pink featuring all over the catwalk with brands like Valentino, Celine and Balenciaga. Colour clashing was seen a lot particularly combining red and pink which was a favourite with multiple designers this season. Dare to colour?

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Must Visit: Dubai’s Best Breakfast Venues – By Zatasha Kiran

1.Cocoa Room

Open from 8-11 AM and buzzing with people and flooded with natural lighting, this rustic modern breakfast venue is a must try. From mouth watering breakfast dishes to finger licking desserts all beautifully presented, there’s something for everyone and you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading “Must Visit: Dubai’s Best Breakfast Venues – By Zatasha Kiran”

Photo Frenzy – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran

British born photographer, Amir Shah, studied IT at college but his passion was always photography. He started as a freelance photographer and struggled towards his ultimate ambition – creating his own company. Miraculously, four years ago he managed to fulfil this dream by setting up his very own company in Manchester by the name of AKA Creative Ltd. Currently working with his younger brother theatre director Billy Shah, AKA Creative is quite the family affair. We talk to Amir about how he got started.


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Behind the Lens – By Zatasha Kiran

20 year old Sarah Brown from Newcastle upon Thyme is studying photography at Salford University, Manchester and has already produced images for ASOS, London Fashion Week, Miss Foxy, Sunday Sun Newspaper, Chronicle Online and Pakistan in Vogue, amongst others. Currently interning for fashion label Missguided which is described as a fresh, vibrant, trendy online clothes experience with launches in America, Australia, France and Europe, Sarah excels at her role as a fashion photographer.

Sarah Brown


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Model Material – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran

23-year-old Faeza Khan from Manchester, England, studied nutrition and public health at university before going on to fulfil a dream in modelling. Having worked her way up and managing to secure a contract with well-known London agency,The Model Portal (TMP) over a year ago, she now models for fashion and beauty shots all over the UK. Faeza speaks to Uvadahlia about her thoughts on beauty and what it is to her.

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India: Acid-attack Survivors Become Models – By Annarita Tranfici

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The success story of this month tells of the adventure of five really brave women who share a very sad fate: They have all been disfigured by acid attacks. The names of the ladies who joined this project are Rupa, Rita, Sonam, Laxmi and Chanchal; with their desire to live, they have decided to show themselves and their martyred bodies to help women around the world. These young Indian victims of acid have participated in a photo shooting that shows all their beauty, courage, and joy of living where they wore their own creations, strictly in Indian style with a touch of western fashion.

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Summer Wardrobe Essentials – By SaDaf KhAn



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Summer is upon us. For some, it is the loveliest time of the year, and the lightest time too (in terms of the layers of clothing required). A lot of  clothes lying in your closet are not going to be touched for the next couple of months and are only occupying valuable space.  Now is the time for a major reorganization of your wardrobe according to the 2014 summer trends. Here are some of the basic “must have’s” for your wardrobe this summer.

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