4 Benefits of Traveling – By Shatha Akeel


1. There are many types of people you can meet. By getting to spending time with them, you can make new friends, and who knows, you might even meet the love of your life 😉

2. While you’re there, you can explore yourself and your independence by learning how to be responsible for yourself and for your money.

3. You can also spend your time in a beneficial way by learning a new language from a native speaker or by finding new hobbies.

4. There are many activities: You can try new things like for example, skydiving, parasailing, canoeing, paragliding, and even taking cooking classes. Make sure you visit lots of different places so you don’t miss out on what our spectacular planet has to offer.

Remember: By traveling to unique destinations, you can enjoy yourself and gain many new experiences at the same time.


Friendship: A Special Relationship – By Valentina Coppola


Everybody needs somebody to share experiences, situations, and moments with. Someone who’ll be there when everything goes wrong. Everybody needs a friend.

What is true friendship? Why do two people decide to be friends? Well, it’s not easy to find a real friend and it isn’t easy to be a good friend either. If you find a real friend, you’re really lucky.

Friendship is a special kind of love: If you have a friend, your life is definitely better. You feel stonger because you know your friend is always by your side. It’s a precious blessing for everyone. It’s a lovely feeling, a unique blend of affection, loyalty, respect, trust, love and loads of fun. Without friends, no one would choose to live. It’s one of the most important things to have in life.

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Sorry, but You’re Sensitive – By Dalia Al Saad

“Sorry, but you’re sensitive” is a statement that never fails to shock me every time.. I see being sensitive as a compliment while others are apologizing for “accusing” me of having it.
People seem to view sensitivity as a negative trait. “It’s a sign of weakness,” they say. “You should be numb and indifferent to portray strength and power,” they debate. For someone who has been brought up to define sensitivity as being respectful, I think you can imagine how it feels.

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I am Dee and I am a “Give-aholic!” – By Dalia Al Saad

Are you a giver? Addicted to giving? Is it hard for you to stop yourself from giving? Do you feel happy and at peace when you give? Well, you are probably the sweetest friend and the most loving relative. You should be proud of yourself and you sure must feel that sense of self-satisfaction in life when you see others appreciating what you have to offer.

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A Good Friend – By T. Baker



You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family; people, especially our own families have been telling us this for decades. You can’t decide what sort of home you’ll be brought up in, but you’re fully in control over the kind of environment you allow yourself to be immersed in as you grow older and more independent. So what is it then, that makes a good friend?!! Continue reading “A Good Friend – By T. Baker”

A Penny for Your Thoughts – Helen Hollister

A penny for your thoughts

To lie or not to lie raced through my mind when a dear friend asked “How do you like my new dress?” “Does it look good on me?” “I got it on sale and saved a bundle.” I could hear in her voice how tickled she was. Now how could I bust her bubble when I’m thinking the dress looks like a burlap sack and she is the Idaho Potato? And in my own sound judgment, it was hideous. Continue reading “A Penny for Your Thoughts – Helen Hollister”