Flight 668 (Part 1/2) – By Dr. Abdullah Bahi

Sitting there in my seat, waiting for take off just like any other flight. I hear the baby that cries at every flight, watch two men ahead fighting for a seat while I could hear a lady behind me asking another man politely if they could switch seats so that she could sit beside her man. I looked at the empty seat next to me, praying that I’m not the lucky person of the day to be seated next to a morbidly obese woman with heart failure, who would repetitively make me stand on the aisle as I wait for her to take her walk to the mini-toilet as a result of her medications. Continue reading “Flight 668 (Part 1/2) – By Dr. Abdullah Bahi”


Wise Junior.. A Brighter Future ~ Interviewed by Najlaa Nezar

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

A good example for this would be individuals who hold within high social responsibility with the urge to have a positive impact on human development by their contributions.

Weam Bakheet implemented this bravely, so after she finished her Master’s in the UK, she decided to return to her homeland, Saudi Arabia and started to design and work on a program that is the first of its kind that focuses on training children to raise their awareness toward life’s important concepts. She believes that her program should include 8 vital fundamentals for good-mannered children and therefore better individuals in the future.


Proudly, Weam founded her awareness center for children, which is located in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia under the name “Wise Juniors”.

Najlaa Nezar from Uvadahlia Magazine had the chance to speak with Weam Bakheet about the center’s vision, mission and plans for the future. Continue reading “Wise Junior.. A Brighter Future ~ Interviewed by Najlaa Nezar”

Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki

Playing is a child’s purpose in life and the source of his or her entertainment and fun.

Playing provides a child with some important skills to build his or her personality. lt’s a fast way to get to know more about your child’s tendencies from a very young age.
It can develop his personality while having fun. Without playing, the child becomes less-skilled, and that proves the importance of playing, which is determined by adult awareness about how playing is significant for the child. Continue reading “Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki”

My Head in the Sand – By Helen Hollister



People marry for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health and share each others’ cultures. Many marriages today are not only mixed by color or race but by culture. But will marital bliss be disrupted by family traditions that one of the two did not grow up with? Continue reading “My Head in the Sand – By Helen Hollister”