Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki

Playing is a child’s purpose in life and the source of his or her entertainment and fun.

Playing provides a child with some important skills to build his or her personality. lt’s a fast way to get to know more about your child’s tendencies from a very young age.
It can develop his personality while having fun. Without playing, the child becomes less-skilled, and that proves the importance of playing, which is determined by adult awareness about how playing is significant for the child. Continue reading “Playing with Your Child: Why it is So Crucial – By Suha Hosni Al Turki”


Confessions of a Celtee – By Zatasha Kiran

Photographed by H.Baker. Instagram account @aitch_bee_


Dedicated to my trainers and fellow Celtees.

As the two-year mark of my Celta completion approaches I contemplate on the joys, tears and most importantly, learning adventures I experienced. For those of you who are new to the teaching world the Celta stands for ‘Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults’ and unlike many other teacher training programs it allows you to equally explore both the theoretical and practical side of teaching.

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10 Travelling tips – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

 1. Learn the essential phrases. No one expects you to speak the language fluently, but memorising a couple of useful sentences may help you get around and make new friends. Excluding “talk dirty to me” unless you want to get sold into places that definitely aren’t on your sightseeing list.

2. Get a map. Don’t count on Google maps to do the job for you. The moment you leave your country you don’t really know when you will get to use Wi-Fi again. And you surely don’t want to waste your holiday running like a headless chicken picturing your loved ones posting your photo on a box of milk.

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