My Oatmeal Deal – By Natalia Oparka



Photography credits: Purple_zeppelin

Oatmeal, made of rolled, steel cut or ‘instant’ oat groats, is the best way to start a day for many of us. It does us a lot of good, eg. regulates our blood sugar (therefore excellent for diabetics), lowers the cholesterol levels. Moreover, it regulates our digestion and is an easy-to- make breakfast that provides us with plenty of energy throughout the day.

However, this month we will discover that oatmeal may not only be used for breakfast. Heck, it may not only serve as a meal!

For those who make their first steps in the kitchen (like my humble person), there is a surprisingly easy recipe for oatmeal cookies. Not only is it a quick and healthy snack, but it’s also yet another reason to feel like a pro in you own kitchen.

Oatmeal cookies recipe: Continue reading “My Oatmeal Deal – By Natalia Oparka”