3 Pillars – By Dr. Hilana Omer

Once upon a time, there lived a little family of three, a father, a mother, and their only daughter.

On a sunny day, they decided to go on a picnic somewhere in the forest. The father was a  gentleman, but he had many bad health habits. The daughter had a bone disease; if any of her bones fractured, it can’t be realigned. The mother was a healthy housewife who was always taking care of her family.

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Without Proof – by Helen Hollister


How many times have you gotten disappointed, angry, or hurt as a result of an assumption? It could be as simple as assuming you will be remembered for the holiday party but you never got the invitation. The assumption you made in your mind ended up an ache in your heart. Maybe you put in extra hours at work and made a lot of money for the company, then assuming you will get a big bonus or a great raise for all your hard work and you ended up with peanuts in your pocket.

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Mud & Metal – By Helen Hollister

“Be home by dark”, my mother would say. How I loved my childhood. Living on a farm in the country made for endless summer days of fun. And it didn’t cost a penny. Riding bikes with friends for hours and hours. Going horseback riding on the trails through the woods and wading in the cool water of the creek collecting fossils was my entertainment.

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