Art from the Heart – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran

Eclectic Yemeni is a young female artist who shares her talent through social media. She combines her contemporary style with traditional themes to create moving, thought provoking pieces that appeal to people of all backgrounds. We speak to her about her work, inspiration and future plans.

Zatasha Kiran: Tell us a bit about your childhood.

Eclectic Yemeni: Growing up I always wanted to be the person I am today, I wanted to be content with whatever I had at hand. Growing up in Yemen didn’t really allow me to be exposed to art or artists, it wasn’t that important, at least to my environment it wasn’t. Continue reading “Art from the Heart – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran”


The Second Chance – By Dr. Sameena Khan

Every story begins with “once upon a time” and I have no intention of starting mine differently. Neither do I have patience for the niceties that must go along as the prelude to any story. I’d therefore like to get started. So here is how it goes:

Once upon a time, there lived a family (they still exist, by the way). They were an ordinary family, like every other that lives on the face of the earth. They had their happy moments and sad ones, they loved and the fought but whatever the circumstances, they were always there for each other. The father and mother adored their three children. The children in turn, loved, respected and cared for their parents. Like any other family, they nagged and complained about each other. They would find faults and would then forgive. So everything went fine in their lives. Nothing perfect, just fine. Until one day, it all changed. For the better. They were driving back home from the mall during the Eid holidays. The brother was behind the wheel. He always was a careful driver, never reckless. Continue reading “The Second Chance – By Dr. Sameena Khan”