Destination Manchester ~ Zatasha Kiran

Where to eat:

1. Thyme Out – breakfast

This hidden gem provides a relaxed, casual dining experience with cosy indoor and outdoor seating. It serves fresh, innovative dishes as well as locally roasted coffee and home made desserts.

2. Alabama’s – brunch

This American style brunch location is heaven for pancake and eggs benedict lovers.

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The Majestic Delhi – By Dr. Sameena Khan


Rich and deeply embedded in history, contemporary in every aspect and a hyper metropolis; Delhi is a complete holiday package. It is one of the favorite destinations of tourists who want to get a taste of Indian culture, history and a world class experience. Being a capital of various imperial dynasties for over a millennium, being sacked and restored multiple times over the ages, Delhi will continue to enthrall and awe every lover and researcher of history. But history is not just what Delhi has to offer. Being the capital of present day India, it is modern in every sense of the word with a high class metro rail transport system, an excellent hospitality legacy, malls and avenues with world renowned designer stores, a film city, multiplexes, state of the art resorts, relaxation centers and spas and so much more. So if you are looking for an amalgamation of leisure and a step back into time, Delhi is the place for you to be this year.

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Celebrity Getaway – Didi Vita

Summer is just around the corner! Do you want to spend it like your favorite star? Well, I would encourage you to watch the video above and get a sneak peek.. If you can’t, here’s a wrap-up:

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