My Experience at The Heet Cave – Dr. Abdullah Bahi

It was my second time to visit The Heet Cave in Riyadh City. The first time was a few months back at dawn. I was the only one there at that time, and I can tell you that it was a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to go down a hole not less than 50 m deep created by natural earth processes over thousands of years, and be the only one there at that specific time were things I found amazing.

The cave lies about 40 km outside Riyadh, the off-road part is only around a 7 minute drive. Anyone can visit it at anytime, the location is on Google Maps too! I highly recommend the visit to be around the same time I went the first time, at dawn. Absolutely magical!

Here is my experience the second time I went there with a friend.


Basta Market: One Step Closer to Your Dream – By Shatha Akeel


Photography credits: Unsplash

Every great business starts small. The largest companies were created with simple beginnings where the ideas started from mere dreams then became plans to generate projects.

Derived from that belief, the idea of creating a social market came to light to show and care for all distinct and small businesses. It’s a place to market their products and exchange entrepreneurial cultures between young people.

The following is a great example:

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Jeddah: The Bride of the Red Sea – By Shatha Akeel


I grew up and have lived in a beautiful, crowded, and metropolitan city by the name of Jeddah. If you haven’t heard about it, this article will provide you with some interesting information about my city.

Jeddah, known for being the capital of economy and tourism, is located on the Red Sea coast in the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Continue reading “Jeddah: The Bride of the Red Sea – By Shatha Akeel”

Sweet & Solid – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran

Arwa Abdulrahman Al-Moghrabi, the talented 27 year old Saudi Lebanese hybrid, already has a BA in language and literature and is currently working on an MA in Education (TESOL).

She started teaching English as a second language when she was 13 and also runs Cookietier, a home based bakery that specialises in sweets. As if all that wasn’t enough she is a fitness instructor and personal trainer and loves to stay motivated with diversity at work.

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SUCCESS IN THE CITY – By Bridget Blevins

The dictionary defines success as the achievement of one’s goals and the attainment of wealth, position, honor, and the like. Each journey is a private and personal quest. Everyone takes a different road to reach their destination.

I would like to introduce Mr. Mohammed F. Qubouri.  Born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Mohammed comes from a family of eight: four sisters and one brother. His father is a retired General of the Royal Air Force of Saudi Arabia and his mother manages the home.

Mohammed graduated high school and completed one year in New Market ,Canada. He moved to the U.S. to W.D.C and attended the American University where he received his bachelor’s degree. His post-graduate studies were at George Washington University where he earned his Master’s degree.

Mohammed is the Vice President of Business Development at Intimaa Real Estate Service Company. He is married and he and his lovely wife have a beautiful baby girl.

I had the opportunity to talk with Mohammed about his success and this is what he had to say …

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