Art from the Heart – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran

Eclectic Yemeni is a young female artist who shares her talent through social media. She combines her contemporary style with traditional themes to create moving, thought provoking pieces that appeal to people of all backgrounds. We speak to her about her work, inspiration and future plans.

Zatasha Kiran: Tell us a bit about your childhood.

Eclectic Yemeni: Growing up I always wanted to be the person I am today, I wanted to be content with whatever I had at hand. Growing up in Yemen didn’t really allow me to be exposed to art or artists, it wasn’t that important, at least to my environment it wasn’t. Continue reading “Art from the Heart – Interviewed by Zatasha Kiran”


MUST Watch: A Little Goofiness Never Hurts – By Dalia Al Saad

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Mind Control and Hidden Messages ~ By Ghadeer Al Johani

Our Brains:

Are you fully awake? Do you own your consciousness? The real question is do you notice everything you see??

Well, throughout your life, your conscious mind hasn’t processed everything but your subconscious mind has!!

What does that mean exactly? We’ll find out about that in a few… Continue reading “Mind Control and Hidden Messages ~ By Ghadeer Al Johani”

Sorry, but You’re Sensitive – By Dalia Al Saad

“Sorry, but you’re sensitive” is a statement that never fails to shock me every time.. I see being sensitive as a compliment while others are apologizing for “accusing” me of having it.
People seem to view sensitivity as a negative trait. “It’s a sign of weakness,” they say. “You should be numb and indifferent to portray strength and power,” they debate. For someone who has been brought up to define sensitivity as being respectful, I think you can imagine how it feels.

Continue reading “Sorry, but You’re Sensitive – By Dalia Al Saad”