2017 Spring/Summer Fashions Trends ~ By Zatasha Kiran 


Summer is knocking at our doors along with the latest summer trends which are being paraded up and down fashion catwalks worldwide. This season’s styles are oozing with 80s vibes and saturated in daring, vibrant colour schemes. Stay stylish this summer with our staple tips.


Bright, bold colours are back this summer with bursts of red, yellow and most prominently, fuchsia pink featuring all over the catwalk with brands like Valentino, Celine and Balenciaga. Colour clashing was seen a lot particularly combining red and pink which was a favourite with multiple designers this season. Dare to colour?

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3 Delicious Summery Drinks ~ By Natalia Oparka

The nights are short and warm and the days are long and sunny – that can only mean one thing: The hottest of our seasons is in full bloom! However, while enjoying the gorgeous weather, we can’t possibly forget about keeping healthy; that’s why we propose a few of our homemade summery drinks that will keep you hydrated and satisfied!


Liana Bautista
Photograph Credit: Liana Bautista


  1. Instant coffee
  2. Honey / sweetener / brown sugar
  3. Milk

A recipe for two lattes (because drinking coffee together is so much fun!) :

Prepare a cup of coffee (I use two spoonfuls) and leave it to cool down. When it is no longer hot pour the coffee into two tall glasses, then add the honey (again two spoonfuls or more if you please) and add around 250 ml of cold milk. Use a frother to get a nice fluffy texture. You may top it off with ground chocolate or some whipped cream. Continue reading “3 Delicious Summery Drinks ~ By Natalia Oparka”

Give Me a Break! ~ By Natalia Oparka

Spring has officially arrived and that means that, whether we like it or not, the time came to smell the coffee and get active! Days are longer, nights warmer and our appetite for life bigger than ever. But in all this Great Awakening let’s not forget about one essential thing: TAKING BREAKS! Continue reading “Give Me a Break! ~ By Natalia Oparka”

Wise Junior.. A Brighter Future ~ Interviewed by Najlaa Nezar

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill.

A good example for this would be individuals who hold within high social responsibility with the urge to have a positive impact on human development by their contributions.

Weam Bakheet implemented this bravely, so after she finished her Master’s in the UK, she decided to return to her homeland, Saudi Arabia and started to design and work on a program that is the first of its kind that focuses on training children to raise their awareness toward life’s important concepts. She believes that her program should include 8 vital fundamentals for good-mannered children and therefore better individuals in the future.


Proudly, Weam founded her awareness center for children, which is located in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia under the name “Wise Juniors”.

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Caprese: A Delicious Italian Cake – By Valentina Coppola

Have you ever heard about “Caprese Cake”? Well, it’s really famous all around the world. It’s one of the most appreciated Italian cakes! Invented in Capri Island in the Southern part of Italy, the tasty Caprese has just a few ingredients to be prepared …. The smell of almonds is irresistible!

Its origin is really curious: In 1920, a cook called Carmine Di Fiore was preparing an almond-cake in his cooking-workshop for three criminals who arrived in Capri Island. unfortunately, he made a big mistake! He forgot to put flour inside the mixture, but he didn’t notice that. He put the cake in the oven. The result was fantastic! The cake was soft and perfumed! Simply perfect! The three criminals were totally satisfied. He continued to prepare it: everybody loved the Caprese cake.

Here is the original Italian recipe:

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Summer 2014 Makeup Trends – By SaDaf KhAn

I have my wardrobe essentials. What about the beauty trends? How should I do my make up this summer?

Keep your make-up simple, don’t forget to bronze up the skin and add a sheer shadow shade over the eyelids for a little pop of colour. For  some extra definition around the eyes, go for a smudged liner or a coat of coloured mascara. This season, less is definitely more!

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Summer Wardrobe Essentials – By SaDaf KhAn



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Summer is upon us. For some, it is the loveliest time of the year, and the lightest time too (in terms of the layers of clothing required). A lot of  clothes lying in your closet are not going to be touched for the next couple of months and are only occupying valuable space.  Now is the time for a major reorganization of your wardrobe according to the 2014 summer trends. Here are some of the basic “must have’s” for your wardrobe this summer.

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