I am Dee and I am a “Give-aholic!” – By Dalia Al Saad

Are you a giver? Addicted to giving? Is it hard for you to stop yourself from giving? Do you feel happy and at peace when you give? Well, you are probably the sweetest friend and the most loving relative. You should be proud of yourself and you sure must feel that sense of self-satisfaction in life when you see others appreciating what you have to offer.

However, are you happy? Are you really, really happy? Do you, my good giving friend, enjoy inner-peace? Are your needs being fulfilled as well? Continue reading “I am Dee and I am a “Give-aholic!” – By Dalia Al Saad”


A Good Friend – By T. Baker



You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family; people, especially our own families have been telling us this for decades. You can’t decide what sort of home you’ll be brought up in, but you’re fully in control over the kind of environment you allow yourself to be immersed in as you grow older and more independent. So what is it then, that makes a good friend?!! Continue reading “A Good Friend – By T. Baker”

Planting the Seed of American Football – Interview by Zatasha Kiran

A 22 year old Saudi American hybrid and fitness fanatic, Bandar Khattab began to spread the sport of American Football in Jeddah from 2006. Currently studying marketing in Memphis university his love of sports lead him to join the American football team on campus, hence inspiring him to bring his beloved sport back to his hometown and start his very own team. Bandar talks to us about some of the things that keep him motivated on his journey to physical and mental success.

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