Sorry, but You’re Sensitive – By Dalia Al Saad

“Sorry, but you’re sensitive” is a statement that never fails to shock me every time.. I see being sensitive as a compliment while others are apologizing for “accusing” me of having it.
People seem to view sensitivity as a negative trait. “It’s a sign of weakness,” they say. “You should be numb and indifferent to portray strength and power,” they debate. For someone who has been brought up to define sensitivity as being respectful, I think you can imagine how it feels.

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Mud & Metal – By Helen Hollister

“Be home by dark”, my mother would say. How I loved my childhood. Living on a farm in the country made for endless summer days of fun. And it didn’t cost a penny. Riding bikes with friends for hours and hours. Going horseback riding on the trails through the woods and wading in the cool water of the creek collecting fossils was my entertainment.

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