Pride and Joy – By Helen Hollister

Every new school year I have the talk with my teenage son. First, I tell him to make good choices and be particular about the friends he makes. Then  most importantly, I encourage him to  do his best . I have learned over the years that the best encouragement is his own personal achievement.

As parents,  we want our children to strive, be at the top of the class, and we shine with great pride. We can boast about our child’s achievements and our own standards of learning instilled in them. But are they making the grades for themselves or for us? Maybe they are just passing the class or just going with the flow of school. We can push and pull in every direction to set them on the right track, but push and pull how much? I can’t go to class with my son, take his notes, study for his tests, and take the test too.  I would be labeled a helicopter parent and he a mamma’s boy.

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I am Dee and I am a “Give-aholic!” – By Dalia Al Saad

Are you a giver? Addicted to giving? Is it hard for you to stop yourself from giving? Do you feel happy and at peace when you give? Well, you are probably the sweetest friend and the most loving relative. You should be proud of yourself and you sure must feel that sense of self-satisfaction in life when you see others appreciating what you have to offer.

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A Good Friend – By T. Baker



You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family; people, especially our own families have been telling us this for decades. You can’t decide what sort of home you’ll be brought up in, but you’re fully in control over the kind of environment you allow yourself to be immersed in as you grow older and more independent. So what is it then, that makes a good friend?!! Continue reading “A Good Friend – By T. Baker”