My Experience at The Heet Cave – Dr. Abdullah Bahi

It was my second time to visit The Heet Cave in Riyadh City. The first time was a few months back at dawn. I was the only one there at that time, and I can tell you that it was a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to go down a hole not less than 50 m deep created by natural earth processes over thousands of years, and be the only one there at that specific time were things I found amazing.

The cave lies about 40 km outside Riyadh, the off-road part is only around a 7 minute drive. Anyone can visit it at anytime, the location is on Google Maps too! I highly recommend the visit to be around the same time I went the first time, at dawn. Absolutely magical!

Here is my experience the second time I went there with a friend.


Destination Manchester ~ Zatasha Kiran

Where to eat:

1. Thyme Out – breakfast

This hidden gem provides a relaxed, casual dining experience with cosy indoor and outdoor seating. It serves fresh, innovative dishes as well as locally roasted coffee and home made desserts.

2. Alabama’s – brunch

This American style brunch location is heaven for pancake and eggs benedict lovers.

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3. Zouk – dinner/shisha/drinks Continue reading “Destination Manchester ~ Zatasha Kiran”

Cruising in Style on the Magical Mediterranean – By Dalia Al Saad

It’s All About Timing: Traveling to Europe in the Peak Season- By Dalia Al Saad


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It’s summer! Many of you are travelling already and many others are planning for a memorable summer vacation. Europe welcomes visitors throughout the year giving them a chance to choose the time that best suits their busy schedules. While many fortunate families get to cherry-pick when to travel, most families are not so fortunate and so find themselves with no choice but to travel in what is known as the “peak season.”

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Celebrity Getaway – Didi Vita

Summer is just around the corner! Do you want to spend it like your favorite star? Well, I would encourage you to watch the video above and get a sneak peek.. If you can’t, here’s a wrap-up:

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