My Experience at The Heet Cave – Dr. Abdullah Bahi

It was my second time to visit The Heet Cave in Riyadh City. The first time was a few months back at dawn. I was the only one there at that time, and I can tell you that it was a once in a lifetime experience. To be able to go down a hole not less than 50 m deep created by natural earth processes over thousands of years, and be the only one there at that specific time were things I found amazing.

The cave lies about 40 km outside Riyadh, the off-road part is only around a 7 minute drive. Anyone can visit it at anytime, the location is on Google Maps too! I highly recommend the visit to be around the same time I went the first time, at dawn. Absolutely magical!

Here is my experience the second time I went there with a friend.


4 Benefits of Traveling – By Shatha Akeel


1. There are many types of people you can meet. By getting to spending time with them, you can make new friends, and who knows, you might even meet the love of your life 😉

2. While you’re there, you can explore yourself and your independence by learning how to be responsible for yourself and for your money.

3. You can also spend your time in a beneficial way by learning a new language from a native speaker or by finding new hobbies.

4. There are many activities: You can try new things like for example, skydiving, parasailing, canoeing, paragliding, and even taking cooking classes. Make sure you visit lots of different places so you don’t miss out on what our spectacular planet has to offer.

Remember: By traveling to unique destinations, you can enjoy yourself and gain many new experiences at the same time.

10 Travelling tips – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

 1. Learn the essential phrases. No one expects you to speak the language fluently, but memorising a couple of useful sentences may help you get around and make new friends. Excluding “talk dirty to me” unless you want to get sold into places that definitely aren’t on your sightseeing list.

2. Get a map. Don’t count on Google maps to do the job for you. The moment you leave your country you don’t really know when you will get to use Wi-Fi again. And you surely don’t want to waste your holiday running like a headless chicken picturing your loved ones posting your photo on a box of milk.

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It’s All About Timing: Traveling to Europe in the Peak Season- By Dalia Al Saad


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It’s summer! Many of you are travelling already and many others are planning for a memorable summer vacation. Europe welcomes visitors throughout the year giving them a chance to choose the time that best suits their busy schedules. While many fortunate families get to cherry-pick when to travel, most families are not so fortunate and so find themselves with no choice but to travel in what is known as the “peak season.”

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A Spanish Experience – By Natalia Oparka-Kharma

A Spanish Experience-1


May is devoted to celebration of Madrid’s patron – San Isidro. That festivity comes with its unique programme, which means BULLFIGHTING (you get a chance to see world-famous bullfighter since Madrid is the main place for corrida). If you are familiar with Ernest Hemingway, you probably know how much he loved that attraction. You may learn more about Hemingway and bullfighting in cultural, out-of-the-ring part of the programme.

A Spanish Experience-3A Spanish Experience-2

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